Philadelphia improviser: Cubby Altobelli

Cubby Altobelli

In preparing to write this bio, Cubby realized that he's been improvising for more that 13 years now. Wow. It's a little humbling, but also a source of pride. After all If he hadn't been doing it for so long, he never would have established himself as a player in such groups as Zombie Shark, The Cabal, Elaschtick, or WhipSuit. He would never take that workshop with Keith Johnstone, nor would he currently be an istructor for the Philly Improv Theatre, or coached Angry People Building Things.

It makes him wonder about related activities. Would he have studied Commedia d'el Arte under Antonio Fava? How about red-nose clown with Giovanni Fusetti? Would he have hosted shows as a vaudvillian in the duo Knutter'n'Knox?

Would he have done that movie. He regrets that movie. Just a bit. Just sometimes.

But overall, he's glad for the whole plate of beans.