Philadelphia improviser: Michael Hochman

Michael Hochman

Michael has been obsessed with improv comedy for about 9 years, has been performing and studying it for about 6 years. Michael has just been placed on a brand new PHIT team, which has yet to be named, or even rehearse, under the direction of Nathan Edmondson. But he has been performing regularly for 4 years in Middlesex County, NJ, with Death By Improv. With DBI, Michael has attended The Richmond Improv Festival '08 & '09, and the Gainesville Improv Festival '09 & '10. He has studied with Armando Diaz & James Eason at the Magnet Theater in NYC, with Alexis Simpson & Mark Bringhurst at the PHIT here in Philly, and has taken workshops with Alex Marino, Zach Ward, Asaf Ronen, Jill Bernard, Topher Bellavia, to name a few.