Philadelphia improviser: Sara Hilton

Sara Hilton

Sara is a Leo who enjoys putting on concerts for people stuck next to her in traffic. She has been theatrically and comedically preoccupied for most of her life, and is patiently waiting to maneuver her way into foreign royalty to eventually rule over a small country. In the interim, she is content to work at a local college, helping students make amazing things happen.

Critics have said of Sara, "What? She's not a Pantene hair model? But that hair!" and "Shouldn't someone be paying her to be that awesome?" Don't worry about which critics said it, the credentials of said critics, or the legitimacy of their existence. Take her word for it.

She does not like pizza, she does like hugs, and she encourages anyone who thinks they can quote Anchorman better than her to kindly see her after any show. In the parking lot. To get schooled.